Who are we

Israel Archaeological Services (IAS) provides a large variety of archaeological-related services to various academic bodies, both local and foreign, which plan to excavate in Israel. We strive to ensure that every expedition will be able to concern itself solely with fieldwork, without the worry of the numerous logistic and administrative aspects that accompany each excavation. 

IAS was founded by Dr. Oren Gutfeld of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a Classic Archaeologist with over twenty years' excavation experience. Among the projects that he directed, on behalf of both the Hebrew University and the Israel Antiquities Authority, are Beit Loya (Lehi), Ramla, Hyrcania, Herodium, and the Hurva Synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem. 

What we do

Prior to the dig, we offer to assist and/or represent our clients in any dealings they may have with such governing bodies as the Israel Antiquities Authority, the National Parks Authority, etc., so that they may receive the excavation license as quickly as possible. 

We specialize in erecting expedition base camps (including for those who wish to camp on-site), as well as supplying all matter of equipment necessary for a successful excavation season at the highest academic level—all the while adhering to the highest safety standards. Likewise, we are able to meet the needs of more complex projects, providing such specialized equipment as winches, conveyor belts, Bobcats, jeeps, trailers and more...

IAS also offers numerous excavation-accompanying services, such as surveying, photography (field, aerial, and finds) and, as per Israeli law, conservation. Following the end of the excavation season, we can provide proper storage facilities for both equipment and finds. Should an expedition require it, we can also undertake the actual finds processing—comprising restoration, drawings, photography, plates preparation, along with preparation of the finds reports themselves (pottery, glass, numismatics, stone vessels, paleoanthropology, etc.). Finally, we offer translation (Hebrew-English) and editing (English) services, as well as assistance in matters of publication.

Among our clients are the excavators of Qumran Plateau, Tel Abel Beth Maacah, and Caesarea, along with Bezeq (Israel's national telecommunications provider) and Mei Golan (the Golan Heights' regional water association). 


With IAS, you dig – we'll do the rest!

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